Since hearing is a sense that affects every aspect of our lives, hearing loss can often have a devastating effect on our relationships, school life, work life and recreation. Hearing loss is a hidden disability which leaves sufferers isolated, and leads to worsening quality of life. Though a sufferer may experience physical effects of hearing loss, it is often the emotional isolation and psychological stress that causes the greatest anxiety.

Remember, when experiencing an issue with hearing impairment, the most positive thing to do is to seek an assessment. The sooner an accurate diagnosis is made by a diagnostic audiologist, the sooner you can receive treatment and start enjoying life again!

For most people, hearing begins to deteriorate very gradually from the mid-thirties – and over time the wear and tear on our hearing can damage the hearing nerve. Unfortunately, you can’t reverse hearing loss resulting from nerve damage.

Losing the ability to hear clearly can make life much more difficult, since sound plays a part in almost everything you do. Your friendships, family relationships, music, television, radio and work all involve hearing and being heard, so its not surprising that hearing loss can make you feel isolated, perhaps to the point where you would avoid these situations.

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The good news is that hearing aids can really help, and at Cork Audiological Services we can help you find the right hearing aids, at an affordable price.
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