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Hearing Test

Hearing Test Cork

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Hearing Test Cork

Hearing loss can greatly impact your standard of living but arranging regular hearing tests when you reach the age of 40 can prove hugely beneficial in detecting issues early.

The treatment of a hearing impairment needs to be informed firstly by a comprehensive assessment. Patients can arrange a hearing test in Cork with our chief audiologist, Jean Hegarty, who will provide the following assessment techniques:

  • Otoscopy

  • Middle Ear Analysis / Tympanometry

  • Air Conduction Testing

  • Speech Discrimination Tests

  • Tone Decay Tests

  • Recruitment Tests

  • VRA- Visual Reinforcement Audiology

Our audiologist in Cork will talk each patient through the best options for them following the results of their hearing test and recommend solutions that can improve their lifestyle on a day-to-day basis.

If you are unsure as to whether you would benefit from a hearing test, our audiologist is always available to provide information and advice on what practical steps should be taken by each individual.


Get in touch with our audiologist in Cork to discuss your requirements

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