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Medico-Legal Reports

We provide Medico-Legal reports and Green Book Formula results

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Medico-Legal Reports

Cork Audiological Services offer comprehensive medical reporting to support legal proceedings such as personal injury and noise induced hearing loss claims.


Get in touch with us to discuss our Medico-Legal reporting services

Medico-Legal Reports.jpg

Audiometry Testing Process

Pre-testing hearing questionnaire

Factors which may impact on audiometry results such as infections, past medical problems or accidents are identified by way of a short questionnaire.

Otoscopic examination

Checks for any inflammation of the ear canal, foreign objects, damage to the ear drum or wax build-up are made by using an otoscope.

Tympanometry & Middle Ear Assessments

This consists of introducing a probe into the ear for approx. 10 seconds to determine if there is any middle ear problem or fluid.

Hearing test

Client is asked to wear a set of headphones before a series of sounds are played in what is known as pure tone audiometry. Our audiologist records the quietest noises the client can hear across the range of frequencies. Speech discrimination test is carried out at this stage of the test also

Review of results

We review the results of all the tests before compiling a report for your GP or consultant.

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