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Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

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Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus is the perception of hearing noises that are not caused by an outside source. Tinnitus can affect people of all ages, including children, but it is more common in people aged over 65.

Individuals who suffer from tinnitus liken the sound to:

  • Buzzing

  • Hissing

  • Humming

  • Music or singing

  • Ringing

  • Throbbing

  • Whooshing

Tinnitus retraining therapy helps you to tune out the sound and become less aware of it by retraining the way your brain responds to tinnitus.

Our chief audiologist, Jean Hegarty, specialises in tinnitus retraining therapy and provides a full and comprehensive rehabilitation service. By working closely with a hearing professional, patients can reduce stress levels caused by tinnitus and enjoy a better quality of life as a result.

Tinnitus retraining therapy aims to teach the brain to ignore the source of your tinnitus with the aid of devices and or psychological therapy. Combining these efforts will help to eliminate anxiety associated with tinnitus and divert attention from the tinnitus noise.


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  • What ages do you cater to when conducting hearing tests for children?
    Cork Audiological Services provide a paediatric audiologist service in Cork for children aged four and above in order to accurately assess children's hearing.
  • How much does a hearing aid cost?
    We offer hearing aid solutions that suit the requirements, lifestyle and budget of every individual. Cork Audiological Services provide a two-week free trial on all hearing systems with a €500 PRSI payment per hearing aid.
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