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Paediatric Audiology

Organise a hearing assessment with our paediatric audiologist in Cork

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Paediatric Audiologist Cork

Cork Audiological Services provide a paediatric audiologist service in Cork for children aged four and above in order to accurately assess children's hearing.

We recommend that all children, regardless of whether hearing issues exist, undergo a full hearing assessment with our paediatric audiologist in Cork to ensure any mild hearing problems can be detected before they start school.

Our paediatric hearing assessment involves a selection of quick and non-invasive tests to accurately assess your child's hearing:

  • Play Audiology

  • Oto Acoustic Emissions

  • Tympanometry & Middle Ear Assessments

  • Conditioning Tests

  • Distraction Tests

Common signs of hearing loss in children become obvious when they fall behind in school, have problems keeping up and appear heedless. These issues can lead to speech and language delays and result in problems following instructions.

A thorough examination of your child's hearing ability will allow you better understand their issues and provide some appropriate solutions.


Get in touch with us to discuss a paediatric hearing test for your child

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Common Hearing Impairments in Children

  • Academic problems

  • Difficulty in understanding speech

  • Ear pain or head noise complaints

  • Not replying when they are called

  • Speaking differently compared to other children

  • Volume on TV or devices is excessively loud

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