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On Site Hearing Tests

On-Site Workplace Hearing Tests

Organise occupational hearing tests on-site with Cork Audiological Services

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On-Site Workplace Hearing Tests

Cork Audiology Services offer on-site company screening and noise assessments to determine whether conditions exceed safe working noise levels in Cork and across Ireland.

According to health and safety guidelines, excessive working noise levels exceed 80dB. Our consultation service includes the recommendation and supply of appropriate noise protective equipment according to working conditions and advice on the frequency of hearing assessments.

Occupational hearing tests are designed to detect early signs of work-related hearing loss and to act upon the results. Wearing appropriate ear protection will ensure no member of staff is exposed to dangerous noise levels that pose a threat to their hearing


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Occupational Hearing Tests Process

  • Physical examination of ears and inner ear

  • Pure tone Audiometry test

  • Explanation of Audiogram

  • Discussion and recommendations

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A calibrated soundproof audio booth will be present for the duration of all occupational hearing tests. Our audiologist will visit your premises as part of the on-site testing procedure.

All employees will be given a copy of their audiogram via their HR or company doctor.

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  • What ages do you cater to when conducting hearing tests for children?
    Cork Audiological Services provide a paediatric audiologist service in Cork for children aged four and above in order to accurately assess children's hearing.
  • How much does a hearing aid cost?
    We offer hearing aid solutions that suit the requirements, lifestyle and budget of every individual. Cork Audiological Services provide a two-week free trial on all hearing systems with a €500 PRSI payment per hearing aid.
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