Wide Range Of Services

Jean provides a wide range of services for private patients, businesses, social clubs & medico legal services.

Hearing Test

The treatment of a hearing impairment needs to be informed firstly by comprehensive assessment. Jean provides comprehensive assessment technique adults as follows:

  • Otoscopy
  • Middle Ear Analysis / Tympanometry
  • Air Conduction Testing
  • Bone Conduction Masking
  • Speech Discrimination Tests
  • Tone Decay Tests
  • Recruitment Tests
  • VRA- Visual Reinforcement Audiology

Common signs of hearing loss in children become obvious when they fall behind in school, have problems keeping up and appear heedless. This can lead to speech and language delay and can result in problems following instruction. Additional tests that are carried out to assess the development of hearing in young children and infants includes the following:

  • Play Audiology
  • Oto Acoustic Emissions
  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) Test (6 mnths – 2.5 yrs)
  • Conditioning Tests (2 yrs. – 3.5 yrs.)
  • Distraction Tests